February 29, 2016


30 seconds and a natural bristle brush is all you need in order to keep your garments clean and dry-clean them half as often. This simple trick removes dirt before it settles between the threads of the fabric on an expensive suit


One needs washing in order to get rid of germs.A brush can do nothing against viruses, bacteria, and spots. Machine-washing a suit is quite the barbaric thing to do, though: you’d better take your garment to a trusted dry-cleaner whenever you have the chance.

How often should you wash your suit?

Washing suit frequently is not a great idea.

Dry-cleaning is possible thanks to corrosive chemicals, therefore it is advisable not to do it more than once every two months. In order to prevent a mismatched fading of the colours, it is also important to dry-clean trousers and jackets at the same time.

How to wash a suit?

Checking instructions is mandatory when it comes to washing .Always check the label to see how you should launder your suit and what temperature the water must be. The three most recommended washing methods are the following:


Hand is most old way , doing it right is most important.When you can’t, or prefer not to, go to a professional cleaner or use the washing machine, you can do it at home. Remember to follow the instructions and prefer natural products such as vinegar, lemon, and sodium bicarbonate.

We advise you not to do this on a regular basis, though, as such ingredients aren’t suitable for every fabric, and they can damage your suit in the long run.


Hand-wash is not advisable, but machine-wash is even worse. Actually: consider it forbidden! Even if you don’t run the spin cycle, a machine-wash is still likely to alter the fabric’s threads and compromise the shape of your suit.


Dry-clean is a full-fledged cleaning. Instead of water, a chemical solvent is used to clean and sanitize your suit. Dry-cleaning is the best option if you want to sanitize a men’s suit. However, remember that chemicals are employed, that can damage the fabric of a tailored-suit in the long run. Choosing right dry cleaners ensures safety of your clothes.

A garment bag

A garment bag is a perfect solution, and not only when you’re traveling. Store your suit in a garment bag even when you’re home. Leave the zipper slightly open. !


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